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Magnetic Screen


Outdoor Cabana


Good price.          good quality..      good service...  

Assemble outdoor cabana....weather proof; heat insulation;
suitable for: Bed room. game room, maid room, office room etc....

outdoor cabinet (40"H) Easy Outdoor House Easy Outdoor House
outdoor cabine (72"H) Easy Outdoor House Easy Outdoor House
Easy Outdoor House Easy Outdoor House Easy Outdoor House
Easy Outdoor House outdoor cabine outdoor house (96"H)
Magshield Modern Cabana
Revel in the nostalgia of cardboard forts with The Mordern Cabana- a cost effective, the Modern Cabanas are customizable, offering various window, siding and a solid roof.
Use it as a yoga studio, storage, desert hideaway , urban penthouse, or home for your maid etc.
Delivery can be made in as little as two weeks.
If you are interesting this Modern Cabana, you can go to our web-site www.mosquitohk.com or phone us (852) 2791-9292 for details..
組合屋內裝設通風管道, 可接駁水電, 安裝冷氣、 抽氣扇等, 更可開設窗戶。 裝嵌時間約需4-5小時, 快捷方便。
組合屋是活動式的, 可以移動, 亦可隨時拆除。 在用途上, 組合屋除了成為獨立儲物空間外, 還可當作書房、 工人房、 洗手間等, 這無疑是實用空間的開拓。
本公司更提供免費度尺及報價, 歡迎查詢, 本公司在旺角, 西貢, 大埔 均設有陳列室, 歡迎參觀, 詳情請電 2778-8833 或 到我們網站 www.mosquitohk.com 。


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